Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

NSL group is comitted to nation-building by way of contribution to GDP growth and upliftment and development of weeker section of socity.This is the legacy of our founders and trustees,Shri M.Venkataramaiah,Smt Mandava Rama Devi,Shri M.Prabhakar Rao,Smt Mandava Asha Priya,Shri G.V Pumachandra Rao, and Dr.Mandava Gangadhar Rao who founded Mandava Foundation.

We work closely with Madhava Foundation to initiate programmes for development,education and healthcare.We have to setup a new committee for corporate Social Responsibility to spearhead our effort to integarte social responsibilty concerns in to the comapny values,culture,operations and business decisions,at all level of organization.

Implementation strategy

To ensure the involvement of our rural community, NSL Group relies on a participatory approach in implementing all its projects.In addition, the trust secures the participation of local elected bodies like the Gram Panchayat (village council), Co-operative Societies, Self Help Groups, Women and Youth Clubs in decision making.NSL Group undertakes large-scale human resource development projects in agriculture, animal husbandry, dairy, horticulture, health, education and income generation to accelerate the pace of development activities.

NSL Group disengages from the village that achieves 80% of development as per our social indicators and discontinues active participation but monitors their progress incase they need assistance and guidance.Children are the future of the society. Every child has a right to enjoy its childhood. It is the mandatory job of the government to take all possible steps to put an end to the problem of child labour. It is the obligation of every generation to bring up children who will be citizens of tomorrow in a proper way. Today's children will be leaders of tomorrow who will hold the country's banner high and maintain the prestige of the nation. NSL Group is making plans for “Child Labour Eradication".